Vogue magazine: Cowhide Bags are de rigeur this season!

September’s ‘Vogue’ magazine has a big splash on cowhide bags. They are way behind the curve! Here at ‘on trend’  ‘Zulucow’, we’ve been expounding the delights of natural cowhide with our stunning Nguni cowhide bags, belts, purses, cushions and hides for a good few years. Catch up Vogue Magazine!


The article reads: ‘Hide Out.’ “The herd instinct is strong among this season’s urban cowgirls….Accessory designers are exploring the beauty of lustrous hide from Jimmy Choo to Bionda Castana’s downtown cowgirls – she may have a ranch but she’s more used to juggling life in a big city and around the world.”

That sums up our elegant herd of Zulucow ladies! Chic and stylish in the city and countryside.