The 5 ways to add an African edge to the Boho retro 70s trend

Add an African edge to Boho chic

I’m adoring the current Boho 70s trend with its natural brown leather, tassel bags; suede cowgirl skirts and fringed ‘Western’ style boots. These guys have always been a staple in my wardrobe. But, how to add an exotic African edge?

1. Fringed tan suede skirts and African cowhide belts

boho-chic-500x600I’ve always loved Ralph Lauren’s classic safari style; the neutral palate of clothing, photographed in the simmering African savannah, redolent of a steamy Robert Redford and tough Meryl Streep camping under the stars in ‘Out of Africa’ (my all time fav film!) This season,  Marks and Spencer’s retro 70s suede skirt by it’s Autograph label became the go-to retro skirt when Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung were seen wearing it. ‘Really Wild’ also has a classic fluted tan suede skirt. Pair either skirt with a classically-cut white shirt cinched in at the waist with (naturally!) an eye-catching Zulucow cow hide belt literally ‘Out of Africa’ and you can emulate the retro vibe.

2. Boots with tassels

I’d love to sashay around Burghley Horse Trials 2015, in a pair of Boho Etro Boots with heavy swinging fringing, but would need to sell the dog to stump up the required £1000 kicker! I’ve got a pair of ‘All Saints’ cowgirl boots with tassels and straps from a few seasons ago, and I did have a much admired pair of shaggy fur-topped Hunter wellies last year, but sadly, they were savagely attacked by a friend’s terrier (foul dog mistook my adored Hunters for a rabbit. I shrieked as chunks of fur littered the wretched hound’s basket!) I shall replenish my winter Hunter welly stock, however, with Hunter’s handsome tall fringe wellington boot.

3. Floppy suede hats and African straw fedoras

Cut a dash on the beach or on a lazy hack in the Mallorcan sunshine, with a feminine straw fedora, made in Kenya from Aspiga. Or, a 70s floppy suede hat in safari tan or olive green injects a romantic edge to the Boho inspired look. ASOS has a beautiful khaki one.

4. Tan leather and suede be-tasselled handbags

cowhide bagLove love the AW15 Burberry fringed bag – but again bit of an extravagant outlay (with the school fees an’ all), at a mere £1500! Ralph Lauren have a free-spirited, boho style, tan sling bag with lashings of fringe! Owen Barry  also have a small fringed bag. But, if you want to add a genuine African twist to your Boho look (and create sustainable jobs at the same time) how about one of my very own classic cowhide and natural leather bags with tassels: the striking ‘Bukekayo’ hobo bagthe more structured Thabisa handbag, or the funky Babazeka cross-body bag.

5. Keyring tassels

I’ve always had a tassel fetish and an instant way to add an African boho twist to your bag or accessories is with my sumptuous leather Zulucow tassels! Following enquiries as to where I’d sourced the long leather tassels which I have attached to my keys, and after seeing Jigsaw and Mint Velvet also selling keyring tassels (I add them on to all my Zulucow bags) I decided to sell them in their own right.

Over to you: 

What are your fav Boho retro pieces from this season or indeed AW15? Have you got any tips to add an African edge to them, or have you got some African Boho pieces already? I’d love to hear about them, and/or do send me some pix.

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Photo credit: Fabrice Muller Photography / Foter / CC BY-ND
Photo credit: elisa416 / Foter / CC BY-ND

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