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“Studiotex love to represent Zulucow to the Interior Design Market at Chelsea Harbour, we are so impressed with the hairy hides…their quality; the thicker aniline leather compared to others on the market make it a pleasure to show”

Jane Kennedy, Director, Studiotex, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. 
Focus/16 Design Centre Chelsea Harbour cowhide rugs, luxurious home interiors high end design
Chelsea-Harbour-Design-Centre cowhide rugs, cowhide cushions, cowhide bags , nguni
Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, nguni cowhide rugs, cowhide-bags cowhide-cushions,


“Each cowhide is like a piece of art; they’re in another ball park: high quality; beautiful and glossy. They sit perfectly alongside my carefully curated Tom Dixon lighting, and Gunlocke and EBF furniture. “

Mark Bailey, Owner/Director ‘byBailey’ Clerkenwell Green, Clerkenwell, London

cowhide rugs, Nguni cowhide skins, cowhide cushions, cowhide bags









I love my cushions, they go so well in our drawing room (see photo). I have had a lot of comments from friends who think they’re great.  I spent such a long time looking for cushions and as soon as I saw yours that was it, perfect, just what I had been looking for. We are going to get a couple of rugs from Zulucow now too!

 Georgie Bates, Stockbridge, Hampshire

Zulucow Nguni cowhide cushion brown and white scatter cushions home accessories soft furnishings interiors home decor pillows


I love my Nguni cowhide, lovely quality, beautiful colours and every time I look at it, it reminds me of home. The service that you provide is helpful and personal, so I have not hesitation in recommending you. Cathy Butcher, London




I love, love, my Zulucow bag. It’s so striking and gorgeous and I can fit so much in it: umbrellas and kids stuff because it’s so strong. When I landed in N.Ireland, my mum noticed it as soon as I walked through the gate and she immediately asked “Where did you get that beautiful bag from?!”  I like the fact that it’s unique and not a label.

Moira Fitzimmonds Taylor, Essex

Nguni cowhide bag Cowhide slouch bag, leather bag









Nguni cowhide bag Cowhide slouch bag, leather bag, women's accessories


I love my rock and roll Zulucow (bag.) I’ve been stopped at ‘The Royal Academy’, ‘Fortnum and Mason’; everyone wants to know where I got my Zulucow! It’s so strong and such good quality, it’ll last for ever; I love the gorgeous lining; and it fits everything I need for a weekend break” Trudy Martin, London.







Lucy was very quick to respond to my questions, and made a real effort to help me establish what was the best bag for my wife from the stock she had. My wife Gaby says, “My bag is good quality leather, different and much admired.”Trevor Williams, Cornwall

Dear Lucy

I absolutely love my Zulucow rug! I have positioned it in front of my log burner and it has immediately drawn the whole room together, creating a natural, warm and cosy atmosphere.
All I need now is a good book and some cold weather! Best hide I’ve seen!
Totally delighted with it!  Thank you! Caroline and family, Little Baddow, Essex x

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How lucky am I to have discovered Zulucow!

I had been looking for a supplier of a quality Nguni Cowhide for quite a while and was delighted to have found this company on the Internet. I made contact with Zulucow and almost immediately Lucy was on the telephone asking me exactly what I had in mind i.e. size, colours etc and promised me she would get back to me once she had found a choice of suitable hides. True to her word she came up with the goods, a stunning tri-coloured hide which is now sitting very comfortably in my Family Room and looks beautiful.
I cannot emphasise enough the outstanding service I received from Lucy, she pulled out all the stops to find exactly what I was looking for. Zulucow is a very clever business, well made, quality products, different and so refreshing from the norm. Sue, Petersfield, Hampshire


Dear Lucy!

A note from Holland! Loving our ZC purchases. Our dogs have never attracted so many compliments as now with their trendy collars! My ZC handbag is practical and stylish and a daily reminder of home (South Africa!) Lisa too has had plenty attention at school wearing her ZC belt!  Nadia Brand, Nunspeet, Holland


cowhide rugs, hides, cowhides, skins, animal print, cowhide, luxury interiors, home interiors, interior styling, soft furnishings, sustainable


I am delighted to have found “Zulucow”!! I love all things African, especially things made with Nguni hides. I bought a black & white belt from Lucy, and loved it so much, I bought a brown and white one too!! (I also bought a gorgeous Thabisa handbag which drew many comments when I was at ‘Crufts’)

Her cushions are second to none, they are of exceptional quality, with a lovely thick leather backing and feather filling. They are incredibly supportive and great if you have a bad back, as they keep you warm while you are sitting against them.

The fact that they come from South Africa, from Nguni cows, with Lucy helping to support the local work force is an added bonus. They are of a far superior quality than the hides you can buy from Argentina, where the cattle are intensely bred.

Looking forward to seeing the new products in Zulu Cow’s pipeline!! My sitting room has a prominent Zulucow theme!  Tean, S.Molton, Devon