Spring Cleaning with Marie Kondo

Gawd, January was a tough month. The weather was gloomy; we were all harangued to participate in ‘Dry January,’ ‘Vegan January’ and endless diets which all contrived to create a cloud of gloom.

To compound it all, I had some enforced house arrest, with a bout of flu. Not only was I confronted with the mess and clutter of the house, but I also watched a spot of TV (rare) including ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up’ With Marie Kondo’ on Netflix. Has anyone else encountered this ‘pint sized’ sweet Japanese lady with a devilishly gentle, jolly (yet v effective 5 step plan) to clear people’s homes (and minds) of clutter?!


Marie Kondo 'The Art of Tidying up

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I found the programme quite surreal and strangely refreshing. Giggly, Kondo (with her Japanese translator in tow) helped warring couples sift through their heaps of possessions, and messy houses by helping them to ditch the clutter and ‘free’ their minds. 

Her central tenet is that you should cherish everything you have and only keep things which spark joy when you touch them and to discard those that don’t with a gentle ‘ Thank you, bye bye!”


Marie Kondo 'The Art of Tidying up' Netflix

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She actually inspired me to do a mini spring clean of my house! I held that shaggy jumper I still haven’t worn; closed my eyes and yes, I did feel the spirit! I had a ‘Ching!’ moment and kept it! But the ‘tired’ cheap, marked cushions in the boys ‘snug’ received a definite: “Thank you! Good Bye!”

Do any of you feel a need to spring-clean this February; to refresh your home and inject a bit of colour into these gloomy wintry months?

It’s funny how a new piece of furniture, cushion, print or lamp, can make one feel renewed, refreshed and invigorated? Working from home, I’m confronted daily by our knackered old Ikea sofa. I’m yearning to replace it with an opulent statement velvet sofa in red, like ‘Swoon’s 3 seater delicious number, decadently named: ‘Deep Rouge’!


'Swoon' 'Sutton' 3-seater velvet sofa in 'rouge'

Picture credit: Swooneditions.com


Tiring of the gloam, I decided to visit Liberty London (the iconic luxury British store) last week for a bit of interiors inspiration; and boy it was there in spades!


Liberty London, Libertys, conic London shop, Luxury interiors, fashion, flowers and gifts, London shopping,

Liberty London, Libertys, conic London shop, Luxury interiors, fashion, gifts, London shopping,










Liberty’s iconic Tudor facade and gorgeous flower displays!


Up in Interiors, on the fourth floor, I encountered many pieces which would precipitate joy, if only they were in my home!


Liberty London, 'Rockett St George' luxury interiors, interior styling, eclectic interiors, standard lamp, palm tree lamp, lighting , funky lights, palm tree lamp stand

Liberty London, Tom Dixon lighting, luxury lighting, interiors, interior styling,


Adore Tom Dixon’s Gaudi-esque, bronze ‘Melt’ Pendant Gold lights

With my passion for animal print and natural funky cowhide, I naturally gravitated towards Rockett St George’s rough-hewn cowhide chairs and footstools. I know I’m biased, but I didn’t find the cowhide they used on the chairs, very imaginative or as sleek and pretty as Zulucow’s. Instead I thought I’d rather introduce one of my own Zulucow contemporary, sleek cowhide ottomans into our conservatory to give it a fresh, funky look and spark oodles of joy and a Marie Kondo ‘Ching!’ moment!


cowhide ottoman, cowhide footstool, bespoke furniture, Nguni, interiors, custom made bespoke cowhide furniture, luxury interiors, interior design

One of our finely crafted Zulucow ottomans, finely crafted by my upholsterer


Not having a huge budget for pieces of furniture (and living in a house full of blunderbuss boys who knock and scrape past everything,) I derive joy from unusual pieces I find on our travels or via instagram; like this Quoit leopard vase, unusual prints like my ‘Mineheart ‘Air is not enough’ which always makes me smile; and Zulucow’s plump, luxurious cushions of course, which drag the eye away from our current hideous, IKEA sofa beneath.



So yes, Marie Kondo’s strategy of ditching all the household detritus which provoke frustration, depression and arguments; and  keeping pieces in one’s home which evoke happy memories and and a joyful “Ching!” moment, really does appeal to me.

It just makes sense. I’m not sure I’ll stretch to all the pedantic clothes folding she espouses though! (According to Marie Kondo, clothes must be folded in a particular way, into particular tiny cubes in your drawer – who’s got time for that?!)

I do recommend Marie Kondo’s show; it’s entertaining even if you’re keen on your clutter and not one for a spring clean! Have you watched it?

Have a fabuluous February, everyone! January has ended at last and spring is in the air….Hooray for that!


Hamba Kahle


Lucy x


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