Recycled Beer-Can Kudu Heads

Recycled Beer-Can Kudu Heads

Statement Wall Art. Dramatic, re-cycled, beer-can ‘Stag Heads’, look stunning on a study, hall, office or bedroom wall.


Make a statement in your home with a majestic Zulucow re-cycled ‘Beer Can’ antelope or buffalo head! These beautifully crafted, statement heads hold their own in an entrance hall and living room; and are popular wall art  in children’s bedrooms.

On a trip to South Africa a few years ago; I met a talented Zimbabwean in Johannesburg: Nyvasha. Taken aback by the exquisite trophy heads and beaded animals he was creating, I bought a selection. They looked so dramatic in our home and were widely admired. And so Zulucow’s line of beer-can & beaded animal heads was born! I am constantly amazed at the ornate African antelope heads and animals Nyvasha and his team, so accurately craft.

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They skilfully produce each piece by hand (each one takes 4 hours to produce,) with steel wire and beads (and more recently up-cycled beer cans. They are truly talented South African and Zimbabwean street artists.

The Beaded Buck Heads measure approx: 50cm high, 33cm wide: ear to ear and 19 cm deep. The heads have a wire loop at the neck so they can be hung on a hook or nail on the wall.

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Kudu, Lion, Rhino, Stag


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