Juju Feather Hat Wall Hangings

Juju Feather Hat Wall Hangings

Zulucow’s sumptuous feather Juju hat wall-hangings originate from Cameroon where they were traditionally worn by the Bamileke tribe as ceremonial headdresses! Now Cameroon artisans are gaining an income source by creating these beautiful feathery ‘confections’ for dramatic wall hangings in the homes.








The Juju hats are not only pieces of statement wall art; they are thought to bring prosperity and luck too. Each hat is unique and intricately woven; taking on average, 2-3 days to make.
Approximate diameter: 30 inches
(I am low on stock due to Covid, but gorgeous new Juju hats are due to arrive soon! Please email me for more details or colour requests: lucy@zulucow.co.uk)


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Brown, White & Cream, White, Brown & Black, White