Black and White Cowhide Rugs

Black and White Cowhide Rugs


Zulucow’s cowhide rugs are unique. They are not only high quality; supple with a lustre and shine; but they are renowned for their exquisite, multi-coloured markings. And, they are sustainably-sourced, by-products of the indigenous Nguni cattle.

The Zulus value their beautiful Nguni to such an extent that they’ve developed a poetic naming practice for the cattle. They name each one according to its similarity to the natural world surrounding them (birds, fauna and flora of the African bush.) For example: The Zulus call the ‘Black Flash & White’ rug (on this page) ‘iqola’- ‘Fiscal Flycatcher’,  and the, ‘Black & White Flecky’ – ‘inkanku’ – ‘Jacobin Cuckoo’




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Zulucow’s Nguni cowhide rugs are statement pieces which suit traditional or contemporary homes; urban or country dwellings; loft apartments, ski chalets or country retreats. The Zulus have bred Nguni cattle for centuries, for their beautiful markings and symmetry, to make shields, ceremonial clothing and rugs. Read my Blog for more details of: The importance of the Nguni to the Zulus then and now

As each rug is natural and unique, their measurements vary. (They measure approximately: 2m x 2m. Other sizes are available.) Please email me if you need a smaller or specific size.

The hide you select via the drop down ‘colour’ menu is the exact hide you will receive. 


Zulucow’s hides are robust and easy to clean (if dirtied by muddy human or animal paws.) You can vacuum or brush them. Soak up any spills with a paper towel/cloth and wipe with a damp cloth and/or warm soapy water. As the hair is a hollow fibre it does not absorb dirt.

(Go to IGTV @zulucowbylucy on Instagram) for a video on how to clean Zulucow’s natural cowhide rugs) 


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