Cowhide Rugs – Tricolour

Cowhide Rugs – Tricolour



With their vivid tri-colour markings, Zulucow’s sumptuous, sustainably-sourced, tricolour rugs are particularly rare and difficult to source. The Zulus treasure their Nguni herds, breeding them over centuries, for their beautiful markings and symmetry for the use in shields, ceremonial clothing and rugs.

Each Nguni hide is so precious that the Zulus developed a naming practice for them; with imagery linked to the names of animals, birds, plants and everyday objects familiar to the natural world surrounding them.




High quality, unique investment pieces with a lustrous shine and deep luxurious pile, Zulucow’s tricolour hides add drama to traditional and contemporary homes alike. Our hides are indigenous to S.Africa and sustainably as they graze on the natural ‘veld’ and are bred for meat. (Whereas most of the South American cowhides are derived from cattle ranches cut out of areas which were formerly tropical rainforest.) In Africa, nothing goes to waste; the hides are by-products of the meat industry and a source of valuable income and jobs.

Each hide measures approximately 2m x 2m. Other sizes are available. Please email me if you need a specific size.


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The hide you select via the drop down ‘colour’ menu is the exact hide you will receive. 



Zulucow’s hides are robust and easy to clean (if dirtied by muddy human or animal paws.) You can vacuum or brush them. Soak up any spills with a paper towel/cloth and wipe with a cloth. As the hair is not a hollow fibre it does not absorb dirt.

(Go to IGTV @zulucowbylucy on Instagram) for a video on how to clean our natural cowhide rugs)