Beaded Animal Heads

Beaded Animal Heads

Make a statement in your hall; your office or bedroom wall; with a dramatic beaded animal head. Finely crafted by Nyvasha and Patricia, talented artisans I work with in South Africa; each Zebra, Elephant or Buck Head looks dramatic alone, or in a collection on a gallery wall.


£ 95.00

Zulucow’s majestic beaded heads, hold their own in an entrance hall and living room; and are popular wall art for children’s bedrooms. They also make great gifts.

It takes Nyvasha and Patricia about a day to create each ornate Zebra, Buck or elephant head, from wire and beads. They rely on the income they derive from this work to support their sons, Brendan and Brilliant, and their extended family in Zimbabwe.

The Beaded Buck Heads measure approx: 50cm high, 33cm wide: ear to ear and 19 cm deep. The heads have a wire loop at the back so they can be hung on a hook or nail on the wall.

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Nyvasha and Patricia, the skilled artisans who create the Beaded Animal Heads

For more details on sizes of the various heads and sculptures, pls email me: