Beaded Heads and African Animal Sculptures

Beaded Heads and African Animal Sculptures


Zulucow’s Ornate Beaded and ‘tin’ Wall Art & sculptures, finely-crafted ‘Out of Africa’

Silver, African tin metal kudu antelope trophy head wall hanging animal head wall sculpture


Why not add a unique style to your home; an exotic African edge?  Zulucow’s stately antelope and buffalo heads hold their own in an entrance hall, living room or bedroom and make a perfect companion to an existing faux trophy wall, or an original alternative to paintings and other faux heads.

Artisan-made, beaded (and latterly tin), African animal heads and sculptures look fantastic and make for unique gifts.

On a trip to South Africa a few years ago; I met a talented Zimbabwean in Johannesburg: Nyvasha. Taken aback by the exquisite trophy heads and beaded animals he was creating, I bought a selection. They looked so dramatic in our home and were widely admired. And so Zulucow’s new line of: beaded animal heads; funky beaded animal sculptures and gorgeous beaded egg baskets was born! I am constantly amazed at the ornate African buck heads and animals Nyvasha and his artisans so accurately craft.

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They skilfully produce each piece by hand with steel wire and beads (and more recently they’ve begun to make tin animal heads from old coke cans!) They are truly talented South African and Zimbabwean street artists.

The Beaded Buck Heads measure approx: 50cm high, 33cm wide: ear to ear and 19 cm deep. The heads have a wire loop at the neck so they can be hung on a hook or nail on the wall.

For more details on sizes of the various heads and sculptures, pls email me:

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