‘Hide and Chic’ 2 page article on our Nguni cowhide biz in ‘The Field’ magazine!



The story of Zulucow and how we got started, is featured in January’s ‘Rural Business’ section in  ‘The Field’ magazine! We weren’t expecting such a big double-page article with pix. The response has been fabulous. Thank you to all those discerning Field readers for joining our ever-expanding exclusive ZC herd and for your excited texts and emails on receipt of your unique ‘Out of Africa’ Zulucow purchases!

For the full article click on this link Article on ‘Zulucow’ in ‘The Field’ magazine


Here are are a few quotes:

“Once back home in England, people would ask me where I got my bag and belt; strangers approached me on the street even…Because of the reaction we decided to try selling them on a small scale. Wow it was a steep learning curve.”

“I had a very firm idea of what I wanted in terms of quality. Plus, having been born and raised in southern Africa, it is in my roots. I feel passionately about the country, its rich heritage and the people”

“The Nguni cowhides are sustainably sourced from cattle that roam the veld. They are not mass produced, such as you find in South  America where rainforest is sacrificed for grazing…… The hides are a bi-product of meat, so the farmers get additional value from their animals. All Zulucow products are hand-cut and sewn by skilled craftsmen and women, creating desperately needed employment. I’m absolutely committed to our workers and farmers.”

“The Nguni are hugely important to Zulu culture. The dramatic Nguni cowhide patterns you see are no accident: animals are carefully bred to produce them.”

“With such eye-catching and fairly traded wares, it is no surprise that Land was soon stocking a number of local boutiques as well as selling via her website.”

“Because the colours and patterns of the Nguni cowhides vary so much, each item is unique….I also pride myself on the speed of service. I took a call while I was on a roller-coaster at Legoland from a lady wanting a specific tricolour Nguni cowhide. I managed to get it to her in London ready for a dinner party in a few days.”

“I do most of my work at the kitchen table. I can’t see that changing. It’s the reality of being a multi tasking mother plus it’s also the best sport for broadband!”