Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year To All Our Fabulous Zulucow Customers!

 From the Zulucow team in South Africa and the UK

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I rang the workshop in South Africa, to wish the ZC team a Happy Christmas and to find out what they’re up to during their festive holiday and this is what the ladies and man, said:



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Nelly has been employed full time in the ‘workshop’ for four years. She said she loves making the cross body bags or ‘Lucy bag’ as she’s named them.

“At Christmas I’ll be at home with my family. I cook for my family and clean. We eat meat and salads. I love my family and would love to take them out on a trip nearby one Christmas.”




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Kwazi (seen here feeding a huge patchwork cowhide rug deftly through the sewing machine, said:

“I’ll be at home with my family at Christmas. We visit Durban. On Christmas Day we like to eat desert and meat.”





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Boaster is from Mozambique. He migrated to South Africa to find work. Not only has he been making our Zulucow products for 4 years now; but he’s met his partner, Thandeka at the Zulucow workshop; and they’ve had a baby together. When we saw him last Christmas he said when the workshop closes for a 4 week festive holiday:

“I like to travel around with my friends to almost every town and eat braai meat with bread. Thandeka is on maternity leave as we’ve just had a baby girl!”




Nguni cowhide rugs, cowhide, home interiors, sustainable, ethical luxury  Nomusa has worked trimming our gorgeous Nguni cowhide rugs, for 4 years.

On Christmas day I’ll be building my house at the farm in Nqutu with my family. We will eat rice, meat and salads.”



Merry Christmas to you all! Hamba Kahle! From Lucy and the Zulucow team!


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