Meet the Artisans : Ethically-Sourced Fashion

I’m proud to say that Zulucow is a socially-conscious brand; producing beautiful natural leather and cowhide pieces which are all ethically sourced. Each and every Zulucow bagbeltcushion, hipflaskkeyring and tassel, is finely crafted by hand; in so doing, helping to create long term, well paid, sustainable jobs for a small team of Zulu ladies.  I’ve worked with Ma Phillipine, Nelly, Thandi, Gloria, Lindiwe and the rest of the team, for over 8 years and often go out to see them.

On my last visit, Lindiwe invited us to the home she built with her brother, Sizwe; and introduced us to her 4 children.

She told me that the income from the workshop supports her family of four children and her sister’s family. Her husband died and she supports the children and extended famly with this wage.

Lindiwe showed us around her home and introduced us to her sister and her family (who also live with her.)

Khanyi supports her six children and extended family on the wage she derives from her job at the workshop. Gloria, a single parent of one, explains how, thanks to her mother (who taught her how to sew) she has a skill and as a result she can take care of herself.

They both explained how common it is for husbands to leave their wives and children for other women, and how they value these jobs to provide for their children, put food on the table, and pay the bills.