As well as paying the Zulu ladies an above average wage, whenever we go out to S.Africa we take second hand clothes, shoes, football kits for the ladies’ children. I learnt that bras were expensive and a luxury for the ladies, who spent their hard-earned money on food, household bills and their children. I did an appeal and was donated a huge selection of wonderful braziers, which went down extremely well as you can see here! In 2018 we went out to see the ladies; I asked them what else Zulucow could do to help. They all said school uniform was getting ridiculously expensive. So Zulucow bought uniform for Nelly’s 4 children, Lindiwe’s 4, Gugu’s and Ma Phillipine’s grandson Bhuti.

Khanyi, another talented Zulucow craftswoman, supports her 6 children and extended family on the wage from this job. Gloria, a single parent of one, explained how the sewing skill passed onto her by her mother allowed her to secure this job and support her family. Khanyi and Gloria told me how key these jobs are for them to put food on the table, pay for household bills and to survive.

In 2020, Covid was really affecting the Zulu ladies, so we decided to launch the new Cowhide Clutch bag and give £20 per bag bought back to the ladies. We asked the ladies what they’d like to do with the proceeds from the bag; they asked for food. Here the Ladies are thanking Zulucow’s customers!

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Dear Lucy,

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for the food parcels you gave our staff. It really did make a difference to them. This month has been a lot easier on them financially.

The food parcel enabled Cenile to free up enough cash that she is getting a solar light system this weekend. 

Thank you so much for your continuing support and inspiration. Especially as we move into a new very different world.

Keep Safe,


Ma Phillipine was thrilled to get new shoes for Bhuti to go to school in.

In 2019 Zulucow supplied school uniform, stationery and shoes for 9 of the Zulucow ladies’ children.