ZC cowhide purses in ‘The Times’ ‘Most Stylish Christmas gift Guide!’

Zulucow ‘HQ’, was buzzing today as we learnt that we’d been picked to feature in ‘The Times’ newspaper’s ‘Christmas Guide; the Most Stylish Gifts for under £50’.

One of our gorge, glossy, handcrafted, brown and white, cowhide purses is pictured in today’s ‘Times’ under the title: “Looking for something original and stylish that won’t cost the earth?” And there it is in all it’s unique cowhide purses glory! Jabulani!

Thank you to all our fabulous Zulucow Facebook; twitter and social media friends for all your kind, messages today! We are v lucky to have such a passionate and loyal herd of fabulous friends.


Zulucow Purse in Time Gifts for Christmas

We’re having such an exciting pre Christmas time, with passionate customers swooning over our sustainably sourced, plush cowhide cushions; dramatic Nguni cowhide rugs and gorge natural leather and cowhide bags, belts, and now our cowhide purses being picked by The Times! Yippee.

It’s so exciting when others share our passion for the quality of the products, and their provenance in South Africa where they are a source of desperately needed employment for the skilled Zulu ladies and men.

Our herd of chic, classy and ‘on trend’ Zulucow ladies and men, is growing! Hamba Kahle!