Cowhide is very easy to clean. It is NOT a hollow-fibre; so it does not absorb dirt and hence is ideal as a rug in high traffic areas of the house. If muddy feet or dirty dog paws dirty your cowhide rugs; here’s what to do: 1. Let the dirt/mud dry and then shake the cowhide rug out. 2. Remove persistent dirt by brushing it, in the direction of the hair, with a soft brush; or vacuum the rug (in the direction of the hair) Wine/Water spills. 1. Soak up the wine or other spill with a paper towel, tea-towel or dry cloth, as soon as possible. 2. Leave to dry. Do not use a lot of water to clean a cowhide as it will harden since it is natural leather. 3. For more persistent dirt, use a damp (not wet) cloth from a bowl of soapy water (use non-alkaline soap) to wipe away the wine/foodstain. Or use a solution of mostly water and 5% of organic white vinegar to clean the stain. Remember not to get the hide too wet. 4. If your rug does get wet, leave it to air-dry naturally. To clean the suede on the back of a Zulucow cowhide cushion: 1. Absorb any wine spills with a paper towel and wipe the suede down with a slightly damp soapy cloth or sponge. Leave to dry.