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    With the start of Fairtrade Fortnight, and its emphasis on empowering women, (through reliable jobs and fair wages) I thought I’d ‘air’ some conversations  I had with the talented Zulu ladies who make my products. (I went out to South Africa to visit them, last year.) Khanyi and Gloria (both
  • Exciting News! Zulucow will be stocked in JOHN LEWIS!  Zulucow  in ‘John Lewis & Partners’ 2020 has started with a bang for Zulucow! Firstly Cheltenham Racecourse, offered me a stand in ‘The Shopping Village’ at ‘The Cheltenham Festival’ in March. Then, the next day, I received a call to say
  • artisan made; who made your clothes, fashion revolution; I made your clothes, slow fashion, cowhide bags, cowhide belts, natural leather bags, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, ethically made, women empowering women, socially conscious brand,
    Ethically-Sourced Fashion I am proud to say that Zulucow is a socially-conscious brand; producing beautiful natural leather and cowhide pieces which are all ethically sourced. Each and every Zulucow bag, belt, cushion, pouch, keyring and tassel, is finely crafted by hand from sustainably-sourced cowhide; in so doing, helping to create
  • Zulucow's Nguni cowhide rugs are a by-product of the food industry in S.Africa and sustainably sourced.
    Zulucow’s Nguni cowhides are sustainably sourced ‘by-products’ of the food industry. Nothing goes to waste in Africa. With an increased concern for the sustainability and provenance of what we buy, I’m proud to say that Zulucow’s Nguni cowhide rugs (including the cushions, bags and belts produced from them) are by-products
  • Interiors with Suzannah
    . Earlier this year, Zulucow was lucky to be welcomed into the elegant Victorian home of Susannah Hemmings. Lovely Susannah, shared some inspired styling tips with us. In this clip, she demonstrates how to style a Zulucow cowhide as a ‘throw’ on a sofa.             
  • Zulucow Nguni cowhide cushion brown and white scatter cushions home accessories soft furnishings interiors home decor pillows, boho chic, sustainable interiors, eclectic interiors, monochrome home, chic home, victorian home
    Susannah Hemmings is an Interior Stylist in Surrey; with a penchant for monochrome. She very kindly welcomed Zulucow into her beautiful Victorian home to give us an interiors’ masterclass on styling our unique, sustainable, cowhide cushions and rugs. I was particularly keen to work with Susannah when I discovered that