Bespoke Cowhide Furniture

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Zulucow’s furniture is custom-made and finely crafted, exactly to your specificiations.

Together with an established, high-end upholsterer, Zulucow produces ottomans, exactly to your brief, with the high quality, Nguni cowhide you have selected; thus creating your very own unique investment piece.

How to acquire your very own unique, Zulucow ottoman a statement piece, created especially for your home? 

1 .Firstly email me: with your request and contact details.

2. Select the cowhide you’d like to use from the Rugs page under Interiors  on the website.

3. Detail all the measurements of your desired ottoman – size, height, depth.

4. Tell me whether you’d like studs running around the bottom of your ottoman?

5. Do you want the taller wooden feet, or smaller bun feet (see pix) or even metal feet for your ottoman?

For more details: go to the video on Instagram TV  (Search zulucowbylucy on Instagram and click on the IGTV icon at the top.)

Each piece of furniture is individual; each hide is individually selected according to your brief and to fit your piece’s specifications. (You can select the studs you’d like to use; the legs and the finish) in order to enhance and compliment your furniture and your style.

  As each piece is so uniquely produced to your detailed brief, we quote to each individual project.

Please email:

with your specific requirements and contact details.

We also sympathetically restore antiques and clients’ pieces of furniture with our Zulucow cowhide, including: chairs, footstools, ottomans, chaise longes (antique or contemporary)

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