African Influence in Interiors this Spring

Rockett St George, eclectic table lamp - Boho African grass style lamp shade, eclectic interiors,

Always looking towards the latest trends in homewares, I’ve noticed that African influence is very ‘in-vogue’ this season.

I’m not someone who has a home which is entirely trend-led; we prefer collecting pieces from our travels which evoke memories and spark joy. Even so; it’s still very exciting to see African influences making their way into everyone’s homes. From OKA’s walls festooned with African grass baskets and Ju Ju hats; to Zebra, leopard and cowhide accents everywhere in cushions, footstools and rugs; Africa with its beautiful textures and funky vibe, is definitely on trend. Oka, leopard print cushions, floor cushions, cowhide cushions, animal print, soft furnishings, cowhide cushions  

Oka’s goat hair cheetah print floor cushions 

  Leopard, tiger and zebra print is omini-present in clothing, and only a couple of weeks ago, ‘The Sunday Times’, ‘Style’ Magazine  declared in it’s fashion pages: “Reached your personal leopard apex? Try cow print for size!” Cowhide is hip and happening, guys! So I thought I’d highlight some of the beautiful African-inspired interior ideas I’ve noticed this spring; to freshen up our homes. It’s so refreshing that all things natural and textural are all the rage in interiors! I love the wistful Moroccan, woven-grass lampshades I’ve seen at Rockett St George and on instagram. To me they evoke images of the African savannah: smouldering heat and happiness. In a European home, like @kylamagrathinteriors  – see the pic of her living room below, they add a gorgeous boho vibe.

boho interiors, boho style, boho home, kylamagrathinteriors, grass lampshade, African-influenced interiors

Rockett St George, eclectic table lamp - Boho African grass style lamp shade, eclectic interiors,  

Rockett St George’s Moroccan grass lamps


An easy way to freshen your home up for spring and bring it up to date with natural products; is by investing in a rug.

A Moroccan Berber rug perhaps? Or if you want to add more impact, I’d go for a beautiful, natural, sustainably-sourced Zulucow cowhide rug. All Zulucow’s cowhide rugs are by-products and have for centuries been valued for their beauty, as well as being socially and economically important to the Zulus. Today they are creating desperately-needed jobs in rural S.Africa and continuing the rich tradition of the Nguni in Zulu culture.Nguni cowhide rugs, brown and black tan hides, cowhides, skins, animal print, cowhide, luxury interiors, home interiors, interior styling, soft furnishings, sustainable interiors, ethically sourced

Zulucow rugs in @Susannahhemmingsstylist Victorian Villa home

I’m extremely proud of the quality and provenance of my rugs. I don’t buy en masse, but carefully select each hide individually for its pristine quality and beauty. 

My customers are always wowed by their quality and exquisite markings  – perhaps having only been previously familiar with less superior quality from high-street or Swedish retailers! Zulucow’s rugs are more imaginative and glossy than the mass-produced Brazilian or French cowhides; as recognised by stockists in The Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour : ‘Studiotex.’ “Studiotex love to represent Zulucow to the Interior Design Market at Chelsea Harbour, we are so impressed with the hairy hides…their quality…the thicker aniline leather compared to others on the market make it a pleasure to show” Jane Kennedy, ‘Studiotex’  Another way to breathe exotic Africa into your home, is by introducing one of the  huge interior trends…African wall hangings. They’re everywhere, like the wire elephants at ‘Nkuku’  or Graham & Green’s Animal Felt Heads  Graham & Green, animal heads, animal wall hangings, wall art, felt animal trophy heads, Graham & Green, eclectic interiors,

Graham & Green’s Animal Heads

Nkuku, artisans, handmade, ethicallymade, sustainablestyle, wire heads, african heads, wall hangings, elephant wall hanging, timeless design, traditional skills, natural materials.Nkuku’s African-Inspired Wall Art[

                    Or, Zulucow’s artisan-made tin and beaded wall-hangings of course: ethically made and sustainably-sourced (creating jobs for Nyvasha and his team in Johannesburg.)  ethically made, handmade, artisanmade, sociallyconscious; buffalo head, wallhanging, wall art, funky interiors, eclectic interiors

Jo’s smart beaded Beaded Oryx Wall Hanging from Zulucow   looking super smart in her Bristol home.

To find more African interior inspiration, do have a look at my instagram feed: @zulucowbylucy

I’d really love to know which Zulucow Cowhide Rug   you’d purchase and where you’d put it in your home? Whatever your style, have fun decorating your home this Spring!


Hamba Kahle, Lucy x